Hello, my name is Živilė. I was born in Vilnius, and I live here. I always liked drawing. I remember when being a child in kindergarten I was allowed to skip the nap and told to draw a picture for exhibition, which I had really enjoyed. I attended all art schools, then graduated St. Žukas College in Kaunas, and later – Vilnius Institute of Arts. For two years I had worked at porcelain laboratory, where I learned to decorate with overglazing paint.

This technique requires precision, experience, knowledge and simultaneously is very comfortable even for finest drawings. Paint is fired in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 800 C o. At the time, as if enchanted, I wanted to draw only on porcelain. When I ‘realized’ that drawings can be made on paper, too, I started with small magazine illustrations, later illustrated several publications and books. My pictures are always less serious than the narrated text, or peoples’ life. After all, gravity always has a funny site – and I like it more.

I have been decorating cups for already 20 years. Only now I gave thought to what this regular household, everyday stuff means to me, and why it is so important that its shape, colour, volume, arc of the handle should ideally suite you. I have my favourite coffee cup, and to me, the morning coffee is something more than just thirst quenching – it is a sort of time with yourself. Even those people who do not go any little deeper into their feelings, usually have their “own” cup. Drinking from a cup, we touch it with our lips like our dear person (and would do it more often to the cup than to a person), keeping for a while in our hands, this leads us to a good emotion. And if the cup is also a precious gift with the best wishes, happy memories, a good dose of humour, then delicious coffee, tea, and good mood, and even meeting with the dear man are guaranteed.

I wish everyone to have his or her personal cup (puo22kai)